Buffalo’s Best Pizza Catering

Imperial offers Buffalo's Best Pizza Catering options to all of our customers in the Buffalo area. We offer the standard four packages below and if you dont' see what you're looking for give us a call and we will see what we can do to satisfy your next catering order.

Salad Platter

The salad platter will be a bed of freshly cut Romaine Lettuce, topped with Tomatoes, Onions & Green Peppers. centered with BP and Olives and topped with Chees. A Small tray feeds a party of 8. Al large tray feeds a party of 12.

Salad - $7.99 / person
add Meat +2.99 / person
Drinks - 1.99 / person

Sandwich Platter

Our sandwich platter is sure to be a hit - each sub comes stacked with Lettuce, Tomatoes and Cheese with Mayonnaise as requested. All subs are cut onto 1/4 sized sandwiches.

Hot - $6.99 / person
Cold - $5.99 / person

Pizza & Wings

One slice & five wings per person, comes with Blue Cheese, Celery & Carrots.

Pizza (cut as slice) - $2.99 / person
+ each additional topping .25
Wings (5 per person) - 7.99 / person

Imperial Platter

A combination of the Salad, Sandwich and Pizza & Wing Platters. Great for office parties or on/off site events.

Salad - $6.99 / person
Meat - $2.99 / person
Subs - $5.99 / person
Pizza - $2.99 / person
Wings - $6.99 / person